Connecting, supporting while enjoing a good meal is a win win for all


Connecting the ones in need with the one who eats in restaurants everyday through a delicius meal


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go to @loveurmotto_tiktok or @loveurmotto_insta and look for restaurants or food you want to try. wait, we are about to lauch the app so stay tune for more updates



ask for my creation

look for the icon in the menu

I will be posting all the restaurants and nonprofits I connect with.

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enjoy your meal

While you are thinking to which nonprofit you want to support. Remember to follow all the steps to secure the process.

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As a promoter, i will handle the rest in accordance with the deal done with my collaborator aka" the restaurant"

I will be posting the whole process for full integration with all the parts.

Since the app is almost ready, this initiative is a dynamic project with a clear objective, where changes will be integral to refining and building the concept.

"patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting." - Joyce Meyer

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get supported

Passive income

As a Nonprofit you will receive a money as long as customers continue to select you, they follow the steps and the restaurants do they part.

monthly recurring revenue

As long they follow the simple steps to keep track of the purchasing.


Post your dish selection in your social media

Since I am about to launch the app, all the steps will be incorporated into the app to make it easier for you


• Product Photography

• Product Exposure

• Company exposure

• New Customers


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A little bit about me.

My name is Erick Mandianez, Culinary Consultant, Product Developer, and philantropreneur with more than 30 years of experience helping others, creating new ways to improve old ideas, or creating new ones. I graduated from the Culinary Institute of America, which has greatly shaped my journey in the culinary world.

I have been working on this project for many years until I decided to go for it. It is going to be difficult but not impossible, and with your help, we can change the way we help others.

My passion for opening restaurants allows me to work confidently with anyone willing to collaborate with me. If you are a nonprofit struggling to get funds, a restaurateur who loves to help, or just someone who knows someone who may fit into these two categories, send me an email. We can start from there, but first, remember to follow me.

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LoveUrMotto is not responsible for any disputes that may arise between the collaborating restaurants and the selected nonprofit organizations. While LoveUrMotto encourages the restaurants to donate a portion of their profits by signing an agreement to support the cause and the initiative as a promoting firm, the ultimate decision and responsibility for clearing the checks lies with the restaurants themselves. LoveUrMotto does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information provided by the restaurants or the selected nonprofit organizations generated by the data sent by the customers.. The content, materials, and information provided on this website and all social media are for general informational purposes only and do not constitute professional advice. LoveUrMotto is not liable for any damages or losses resulting from the use or inability to use the website or its content.

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